Internet Marketing for Lawyers – Advice That Counts

Lawyers face the same challenges any business does. In order to get new business they must market their services, i.e., advertise. And lawyers deal with the same marketing and advertising challenge every business does – how to beat the competition. Plus lawyers have to assume that any Internet or non-Internet marketing or advertising they do may well produce little or no results for the amount of time and money they spend — regardless of what an outside marketing or advertising advisor may say to the contrary.

Prior to the Internet the main non-Internet marketing option or advertising choice for any lawyer was to advertise in the yellow pages. To this day the print yellow pages contain plenty of colorful, one page display ads that feature lawyers offering their services, and lawyers pay a lot for these ads. How effective these ads are is anyone’s guess — it’s hard for your colored, one page display ad to stand out when you have 20 other lawyers doing the exact same thing! The yellow pages companies, however, continue to promote their marketing and advertising philosophy that “bigger is always better” and “everything we sell is an opportunity,” so they often present a lawyer with a non-Internet marketing and advertising solution that costs plenty but often produces little.

This line of thinking, along with the use of print yellow pages in general, has gone the way of the dinosaur at a very accelerated pace. The yellow pages in print form had their heyday for many decades, but the population now goes to the Internet for the information they seek, so most print directories are collecting dust. A lawyer who advertises in the print yellow pages may well get calls, but they’ll most likely be from vendors using the yellow pages as a cheap source of leads.

The major paid search providers (pay per click search engines) tend to offer lawyers Internet marketing and advertising solutions in a manner similar to the way the yellow pages do with their print directories. “Bigger is always better,” so rather than realistically discuss with a lawyer a pay per click Internet marketing and advertising campaign that makes financial sense and produces a decent ROI, the pay per click providers will tell the lawyer to go for as many top listing keywords (the most expensive) as their budget will permit and bid as high as they can. The lawyer may go broke in the process, but at least they’ll get exposure! Many lawyers get into pay per click as a quick way to get leads but quickly exit a month later after spending lots of money for Internet marketing and advertising results that produce nothing but expense.

While pay per click Internet marketing and advertising is the running favorite of Internet marketing advertisers worldwide, pay per click advertising for a lawyer is usually an extremely expensive proposition for what they get. How much a lawyer is willing to “pay for a lead” takes on a whole new meaning with pay per click. The cost per click for many lawyer related keywords, e.g., “personal injury lawyer,” “criminal defense lawyer,” can range from $5.00 to $70.00 per click depending on the market, and when the typical lawyer’s conversion rate (the number of clicks it takes to generate a lead) of one to two percent is factored in, the lawyer can find themselves paying upwards of $500.00 to $7,000.00 per lead, and a lead is not a client.

Part of the problem lawyers face when they work with pay per click (and this translates directly into poor conversion rates) is that (1) they spend little time creating their pay per click ads and (2) the ads direct traffic to the lawyer’s website. Any Internet marketing professional who knows something about pay per click knows you never send pay per click traffic to a website. Instead you create special pages, i.e., “landing pages” for pay per click traffic to be directed to. The landing pages perform the job of convincing traffic to do what the lawyer requires, which is normally to contact the lawyer via e-mail or by phone.

Legal Internet directories and portals offer the lawyer a potential Internet marketing and advertising option because of their popularity and enhanced Internet visibility. How effective a listing in a legal Internet directory or portal can be for a lawyer in terms of marketing, advertising and Internet exposure will depend upon the particular attributes of the legal Internet directory or portal in question. All things being equal, legal Internet directories or portals that charge a fee to be listed in them make more sense as an Internet marketing and advertising choice than similar sites that offer listings for free. The lawyer has to be particularly careful, however, when they consider advertising in legal Internet directories and portals that “look” like they offer a lot — and a price to go with it — but for whatever reasons simply do not produce enough leads for the amount of Internet marketing and advertising money the lawyer must spend.

Many legal Internet directories and portals exist that have a very strong Internet presence, and they are excellent resource centers for lawyers, but this does not automatically make them good places to advertise. With Internet legal portals especially it’s not how many lawyers the portal attracts but how many people the Internet legal portal attracts who are searching for legal services. People have paid thousands of dollars for advertising in Internet legal portals that have produced nothing in the way of Internet marketing and advertising results. A very wise idea for any lawyer who considers advertising in an Internet legal portal is to get some very accurate user demographics on what kind of specific traffic the Internet legal portal is actually attracting.

What is a lawyer supposed to do? Everywhere the lawyer looks, whether the marketing and advertising media is Internet or non-Internet, considerable financial risk is involved, and a guarantee that the lawyer will get good, solid results for the amount of money they spend is often hard to achieve.

Ultimately the best way for a lawyer to go with Internet marketing and advertising – the way that will ultimately get them the best long term results for the money they spend — is to focus on getting their website to rank high in organic search results. When all things are considered, people on the Internet who search for goods and services mainly search for websites to find their answers. They may look to legal Internet directories and portals, and if they don’t find what they want they may turn to pay per click listings as a last resort (only about 30% to 40% of users bother with pay per click) but ultimately people who search the Internet are looking for websites that provide them with the answers they seek.

If a lawyer is looking for an Internet marketing and advertising solution that doesn’t require being part of the pay per click crowd, the lawyer may want to look into pay per phone call programs. Pay per phone call is like pay per click, but the lawyer does not pay for a call unless they receive one. And the costs for pay per phone call are normally substantially less that what the lawyer will pay for a click in many cases. A smart lawyer may even want to consider getting involved with several pay per phone call providers with the idea that between the providers the lawyer will receive enough leads in the aggregate to make involvement with these programs worth it.

Many of the Internet marketing and advertising solutions that a lawyer chooses to look into must be tried on a case by case basis. Absolutely nothing can be assumed. A pay per click advertising campaign that works extremely well for the lawyer with one search provider might fail miserably with another.

One last thing that a lawyer should be aware of when it comes to the Internet and a website presence is that appearances really do count. Many people have been on the Internet for 10 years and have correspondingly seen websites of all types and styles. People are used to seeing professionally designed websites. The lawyer’s website should be too.

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Should You Hire an Internet Marketing Expert?

Starting out in internet marketing is almost always overwhelming
to e-business newcomers, even if they are seasoned business
professionals or marketing experts. Internet marketing is truly
original and quite different from traditional marketing. The
complexity is compounded for those who do not have vast
experience operating or marketing a business. Whatever the
circumstances, many new internet entrepreneurs ponder the idea of
hiring an internet marketing expert to get their internet-based
business off the ground.

There are different types of internet marketing experts who
provide various levels of support and services. Hiring or
contracting to a full-service internet marketing expert can be
quite expensive, but using limited services of an internet
marketing expert can be both cost-effective and advantageous for
a new internet business. Another option to hiring an internet
marketing expert is to pursue training and educational
opportunities in internet marketing that will prepare you to
become an internet marketing expert yourself.

Some services offered internet marketing expert firms include:

1. Preparation of marketing plans

2. Internet marketing
consulting services

3. Management of specific internet marketing

4. Full-service planning and management of the internet
marketing program

Having an internet marketing expert craft a marketing plan that
is specific to your business is a good way to gain an
introduction to internet marketing and to realize your internet
marketing potential. A marketing plan prepared by an internet
marketing expert should contain an analysis of your business and
your industry as well as identifying and evaluating your
competition and recommending a niche market for you to target.

The internet marketing expert should also outline internet
marketing strategies for you to use to reach your target market
and to drive targeted traffic to your website. Specifics of your
planned internet marketing campaign should be included in the
marketing plan along with milestones and an internet marketing
budget. Using an internet marketing expert in this capacity will
provide you with a clear internet marketing plan that will serve
as a guide for your internet marketing program.

Internet consulting services provided by an internet marketing
expert can be provided one-on-one, through classes or through
coaching. Generally, such consulting services accomplish the same
thing as a marketing plan prepared by an internet marketing
expert, but they are less formal and more intended to condition
you to prepare and administer your own marketing plan and
program. Working with an internet marketing expert on a
consulting basis is a great way to learn about internet marketing
and to prepare yourself to manage your own internet marketing

Sometimes you may find it beneficial to hire or contract an
internet marketing expert to manage a specific area of your
internet marketing campaign that is time consuming. Search engine
optimization and pay-per-click management are examples of these
specific activities that may benefit from the use of an internet
marketing expert. Both require ongoing monitoring and adjustments
to be continually effective and cost-efficient. Linking campaigns
are also ongoing, time consuming tasks that you may want to
consider outsourcing to an internet marketing expert.

A full-service internet marketing expert generally provides a
wide-array of internet marketing services. Among them are the
marketing planning tasks of reviewing the industry, identifying
the competition, analyzing the market, pinpointing a target
market, developing a unique selling proposition, identifying
marketing methods, and planning the marketing budget. Once the
marketing plan is in place and approved by you, the full-service
internet marketing expert actually launches and manages your
internet marketing campaign.

Considering all of the levels of service that an internet
marketing expert can provide will help you to decide whether or
not to hire an internet marketing expert. The main advantages of
using the services of an internet marketing expert are access to
expertise and freeing up your time. The disadvantage, of course,
is the cost associated with the use of an internet marketing
expert. In making that crucial decision for your unique business,
a cost-benefit analysis can provide guidance to ensure that you
make the best decision for your business.

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Traffic Building – How to Create a Landslide of Visitors to Your Website

Traffic, everyone wants it and is trying really hard to get more people to their site. Traffic is what generates more traffic, and vitally for website owners, increases their revenue. When you are planning a web site, part of your thinking should include a strategy for building traffic and realistic time scales and budgets for doing it. Be prepared to wait several months for your traffic to build, unless, of course, you have the budget for some instant advertising.
Here are four essential key elements of traffic building:

Pay-per-click (PPC)

Link building

Search engine and directory submissions

Article marketing

Pay per Click Advertising

There are dozens of PPC advertising opportunities but until you understand how PPC bidding works and how to make a profit stick with Google Adwords. Pay per Click advertising like AdWords is worth spending money on. I would suggest reading up on AdWords books and articles on how to use this great advertising avenue to its fullest.

Link Building

Search engines such as Google see links from other sites as a vote of confidence in your site and will boost its position in their search engine results accordingly. Acquiring links from other sites is a slow process and requires a much organised approach. On the plus side, running a link building campaign means that you are not solely relying on search engines to bring you visitors. A link from an authoritative site lends you credibility, a link from a popular site sends you traffic and a link from a relevant site boosts your search results. Reciprocal linking is an effective, free way to get more visitors to your site.

Search engines

Getting your site listed with all of the major search engines and directories is essential for building traffic. Increasing search engine traffic organically can be an essential part of the promotional mix of for your website. When setting up a website, a vital task to carry out is to submit it to website directories.

Article Marketing

Article marketing has come a long way to become one of the core traffic building strategies for internet marketers and webmasters. Writing and submitting quality articles to article directories is an excellent way of promoting your site and sending it lots of targeted traffic. Article traffic is big, big, big: and here is why. When you write articles and submit them to the highest ranked article directories, for well targeted keywords, they can rush to the top of the search engine rankings.

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Why is Article Marketing Such a Powerful Traffic Building Strategy?

Of all the diverse traffic building strategies available to internet marketers, article marketing, is by far the most powerful method of increasing web site traffic, boosting sales, and maximizing profits.

If you have not yet implemented a powerful traffic building strategy for your website, you should definitely consider writing and publishing articles for the following reasons.

Writing useful, informative, high caliber articles about your market niche will identify you, to your readers, as an expert in your field.  

Being recognized as an “expert”  instills an aura of credibility, builds trust, and confidence with your potential customers.   Your prospects will feel more comfortable when buying from you, and an increase in sales from your online business will be the direct result.  

Cost effectiveness is also another reason why article marketing is such a powerful traffic building strategy.

It is not extraordinarily expensive to hire a ghost writer to create articles for you, if you don’t have the time available or ability to do so for yourself.  

It costs nothing to submit your articles to article directories for publication, and if time is a prohibition, there are tools that are now commonly available to automatically submit your articles to several directories at once.  

Multiple directory submissions dramatically increases the back links to your website, which in turn translates to increased traffic, and an increase in web site sales.  

Article marketing is an extremely important and powerful traffic building strategy, for increasing back links, that the search engines robots are constantly on the lookout for.

Including keywords when writing your articles, and submitting multiple articles to the article directories, is a very powerful traffic building strategy that makes your website more visible to the search engines.  Your web site will be quickly indexed by the search engines when using this strategy.

Published articles become viral in nature.  All your articles will contain an author’s bio or author’s resource box, where you can give a brief pitch about your business, and insert the URL for your web site.   The author’s resource box is always located at the end of your article and is usually limited to about 250 – 300 words.

Unlike other advertising strategies; when your articles are published by the directories, your website URL, which is contained in the author’s resource box, will become viral and will be disseminated throughout the internet universe to remain there indefinitely.

Your article will be archived in the various article directories, and will over time continue to funnel thousands of permanent back links to your website.  

That is the primary reason why your article should be well written, useful, well thought out, and keyword rich.  

It should now be evident to you why article marketing is such a powerful traffic building strategy in comparison to other traffic driving methods.

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Which Search Engine Optimization Methods Are The Most Efficient?

This article features several SEO tips you can use for your online business. Some of these search engine optimization tips are pretty standard ones you may have heard before. Others may be unfamiliar to you and just the pointers you need to make a difference. Read on and see which ones you can use.

Knowing the value of different domain endings is a good way to help with search engine optimization. For instance, focus your efforts on trying to get links websites, by writing content tailored to them or making them aware of your site, as search engines give them more weight than other endings,

Make sure you didn’t forget to leave robots.txt set. In many cases, when a site is in development, web designers will use a robots.txt file to prevent search engines from indexing the site at all. Some of these same web designers forget to remove the robots.txt file when the site goes live. If you know what date your site is going live, one tip is a create a cron job that deletes the robots.txt file automatically on the designated date.

Remember that SEO results are rarely instant, so be patient and try not to get discouraged. Because of the way search engine algorithms work, it can sometimes takes months to reap the rewards of today’s effects. As long as the SEO methods you are using are solid, try to think of the work that you are doing today as a long term investment for the future.

When marketing a product online, make sure your site is as useable and accessible as possible. If your website has problems with the code or can’t be viewed by certain browsers, you will lose visitors and therefore sales. Very few people will go to the trouble of switching browsers just to use your site.

If you want to make sure your website has high-visibility in search engines, make sure you are using relevant keywords throughout your page. For instance, if your website is about vegan foods, you should use phrases like “healthy vegan recipes” or “meat-less alternatives” throughout your website. That way, people who search these specific keywords will be more likely to see your site.

On your website, always include an address where people can send letters, questions or concerns about your company. The more feedback that you get, the better understanding you will have of what your customer’s preferences are. This will allow you to maximize your productivity and appeal to your client’s interests.

Add new content to your website in a consistent manner. This will keep your search engine rankings up because it will keep people coming back to your site to see what’s new on your pages. Additionally, new content that is well written with SEO in mind will attract the search engine bots. Adding great content to your website is a win-win proposition all around.

There are many more things you can learn about search engine optimization, but these few tips are a great place to start. Perhaps you have read a few tips here that you would like to implement on your site. Try incorporating the ideas you have learned in this article, and you are sure to see your website rankings improve significantly.

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Situs Slot mudah main dan menang


Situs Slot mudah main dan menang semua yang kamu cari akan temukannya disini boskuuh, bisa anda coba segera. Pemula sering mencoba versi yang ingin mereka mainkan terlebih dahulu secara gratis. Namun, sayangnya manfaat dari permainan gratis terbatas dan hanya untuk bersenang-senang. Hal berikutnya yang perlu Anda lakukan adalah mendapatkan slot online uang nyata.

Situs slot no 1, salah satu situs slot terpercaya dan terbaik di Indonesia. Dikarenakan bocornya situs gacor gaming, maka daftar situs gacor sea saat ini menjadi cara baru bagi semua gamers. Tentu saja, kami juga menawarkan banyak opsi menarik untuk metode deposit murah. Member atau pemain yang ingin memainkan permainan judi online yang kompleks semua tentang situs ini ada pada artikel ini.

Situs Slot mudah main dan menang dan semua emang sudah dimudahkan

Dengan 100% sistem permainan adil seperti slot, poker, dan kasino langsung, kami memiliki banyak permainan yang mudah dimenangkan. Dari game sederhana hingga banyak game Dari sbobet online, slot, poker hingga poker IDN, 9Gaming siap membantu Anda dengan opsi. Kami juga memberikan tips teknik dan strategi untuk menang. Ini bisa menjadi salah satu kunci untuk mendapatkan peluang terbaik dari permainan jackpot di slot online.

Menang besar dan bisa mencapai ratusan juta rupiah. Slot online untuk uang sungguhan dapat membantu Anda menjadi lebih aktif, Memenangkan taruhan slot bahkan lebih sulit. Mesin slot Gacor terlengkap dengan bonus terbaik yang ditawarkan kepada para membernya. Pemain atau member yang bermain disini bisa memenangkan judi dengan mudah. Slot qq toto togel juga memiliki banyak penawaran dan penawaran menarik.

menawarkan akan menyelesaikan semua solusi dalam malasah anda

Permainan taruhan bola dan slot online menggunakan teknologi tangkapan digital terbaru. Proses perdagangan yang bisa dilakukan murah dan jelas tersedia agar kamu bermain judinya mudah. Dengan minimal 20.000 hanya dengan modal ini anda sudah bisa mulai bermain disini dan ikut taruhan online. Artinya pemain bisa menggunakan metode transaksi deposit e-wallet, semuanya ewallet juga bisa menjadi alat transaksi disini .

Slot gacor merupakan situs slot online terpercaya, Ada banyak metode trading yang bisa dipilih. Selain rekening bank Kami menawarkan metode perdagangan alternatif. Kami menawarkan berbagai solusi layanan profesional yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan perdagangan Anda. Pemain dapat memilih untuk bermain menggunakan metode perdagangan apa pun. Selain rekening bank juga merupakan salah satu pilihan situs judi Gacor Slots 2023 terbaru di Indonesia.

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3 Sure-Shot Ways To Earn Online Money Fast

Needless to say, the internet has emerged as a booming industry. Though everything looks simple, to find opportunities to earn online money is a tricky affair. Nevertheless, you can still manage to be successful provided you are aware of avenues or chances that are lucrative. Enumerated below are three sure-shot ways of doing online businesses.

Google AdSense

Under this program offered by Google, you have the liberty to advertise on your website or blog. Visitors to your blog or website get to see these adverts. Whenever any visitor click’s on an advert Google offers monetary compensation to you. In a way it appears as if your website or blog is selling advertising spaces. Of course, when it comes to the type of advertisements that are to be shown, this is something Google decides. The decision is based on parameters like theme or topic of your website.

It has become a popular way to earn online money. The process to earn is very simple – make sure to incorporate the Google AdSense scripts in your blog or website. Additionally, update your website or blog at regular intervals with fresh content. This way your readers will get a chance to read new content as well.

Affiliate Marketing

To earn money in the cyberspace becomes a joyride when you choose this option. The entire process is very simple and easy. The entire program is well-equipped with spectacular features which in turn will help you in understanding gamut of earning online money.

All you need to do is to sign-up with the merchant for affiliate marketing account. You are expected to promote the products or services of the merchant in your blog or website. Your earnings will basically come in the form of commission every time a visitor sign’s up for e-mail listing or buys products or services of the merchant.

Sell E-Books or Similar Products

This alternative is best suited for people with a penchant for writing. For instance, you can go about creating E-Books and sell them via your blog or website. The good news is – there are websites like Click Bank that has become popular for E-Book writers. It is a well know fact that information products are selling like hot cakes. They are in great demand and you can earn online money in a short span of time. You can easily find such websites with a quick search in any of the popular search engines like Google.

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Tips To Help You At Making Money Online Quick

There are many people who have learned to succeed at making money online and being able to work from home. There is a vast array of different opportunities online to earn income and depending on what you decide to do will determine what you can accomplish in terms of income. The best first step may be to determine what are your strengths and try to find an opportunity that matches with what you are good at. For instance, if you enjoy and are good at making videos then you could consider creating a YouTube channel and posting videos there on topics that help solve people’s problem on a particular topic and if you get enough views then you could make good money from the advertising commissions.

Make money playing video games:

Are you good at playing video games? You could consider starting Twitch stream and if you can develop a strong following it is possible to make decent income from donations and sponsor income. If you do decide to do this then make sure you get the best possible internet connection with fast upload rates. If you enjoy typing and filling out forms then you could consider looking into filling out surveys for income. If you are good at programming then you could look for jobs at sites like Elance or Fiverr where the work can all be done from home. Do you have good article writing skills? You could consider starting a blog about topics that solve people’s problems and if you are able to get a lot of traffic then you could monetize it with advertising like Google AdSense or with relevant affiliate offers.

CPA affiliate marketing can be another good way to make money. This involves sending targeted traffic to offers that usually involve filling out a form or competing a short survey. Once the prospect successfully completes the form you will get paid a fee. The advantage to promoting these types of offers is that you do not need to complete a sale so conversions can be high if you are able to pick the right offers. It can be tough to get accepted into a CPA network so make sure to appear professional and be confident in your abilities if an affiliate manager decides to call you for an interview. Remember that you will be bringing them business so do not appear desperate. Take advantage of some of these tips to help you be more successful at making money online working from your home.

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Why Your Community Bank Is Better Than a National Bank

In this day and age of national and international financial institutions proliferating throughout even the smallest of towns, it can sometimes be hard to find a local community bank. If you are lucky enough to have one nearby, you should definitely use it for all of your financial needs. You might think a larger branch can offer more services and better deals, but that is a fallacy. Here are some of the reasons why your local branch trumps the big ones.


The keyword to focus on for a community bank is “community.” Everyone who works in the building, from the night janitor to the security guard, and the rookie teller to the owner and president, is from your community. They know who you are even if you lose your wallet and desperately need to take money out, even without a photo ID or debit card. They know that even though you are occasionally a few days late on the mortgage, you always pay it. The large multi-state and multinational institutions will hire some local tellers, but there is a good chance management will not try to establish a personal relationship.


Furthermore, the people in your local branch know the people that you will be doing business with throughout town. If you run a restaurant and you need to do renovations, your branch will talk with your contractor and find out exactly how much it will cost you. If it is too much for the bank to loan, they can tell the contractor that, and see if he or she can lower their bid. Living in the same community with their customers will make the bank and its employees want to do everything in their power to satisfy you.


Some of the large branches can offer free checking, but only if you have a certain number of direct deposits a month, totaling a minimum specific amount. Otherwise, they will charge you a stiff penalty. Almost all of the bonuses that large institutions advertise come complete with a lengthy amount of fine print. Your community bank doesn’t mess around with those gimmicks. If they say free checking, they mean free checking, whether you have a nickel or a million in the account.

In conclusion, there is little that a big branch can offer you that a community bank cannot. The government backs both financial institutions. Your account is just as safe if your institution is headquartered in your town of 10,000 as it is for one headquartered in London or New York.

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The World’s Most Impenetrable Banks

Despite whatever Hollywood has led you to believe, breaking into banks is incredibly difficult. Some vaults are so secure that it is impossible for a heist to take place. Read on to learn about some of the world’s most impenetrable banks, as well as those belonging to some private companies, to see what extreme measures are taken to ensure that the deposits and valuables of clients are kept completely safe.

Fort Knox

The United States Bullion Depository boasts a solid granite wall perimeter and squadrons of machine gun wielding guards and armed military. If by some chance a thief got past those safeguards, they will then have to contend with the 22-ton vault door guarding the loot. To go even further, the door is equipped with a lock so intricate that it takes a 10-person team to unlock it. This may be why no robbery attempt on Fort Knox has ever been reported.

The Bank of England Gold Vault

This vault houses over 4,600 tons of gold, and it is second in size only to the Federal Reserve in New York. The walls are bombproof, so sturdy that employees actually used them for protection during air raids in World War II. When the doors actually do need to be opened, it is quite a process. An elaborate security system has been put in place that requires a combination of three-foot keys, voice recognition, and other security measures too detailed to publish.

The Iranian Gold Reserve

Part of the reasons that the vault holding Iran’s gold is so impenetrable is because nobody can actually say for sure where it’s located. Many suspect that the likely location is either in the Imperial Treasury or the Iran Central Bank, but there is truly no way to know. With virtually no information about this reserve being circulated, criminals would have a very difficult time planning a heist.

The Dominion Bank Vault

This bank is located in the Dominion Bank Building in Toronto, Canada and was once considered the most impenetrable bank in the world. It was constructed on bedrock and is wrapped by surveillance passages, making a break-in virtually impossible. There is also a 40-ton door standing in the way of the goods.

The Hard Rock Vault

Some banks protect things even more valuable than money or gold. Opened in 2001, the Hard Rock Vault is home to hundreds of priceless musical items and memorabilia. It’s located below the Hard Rock CafĂ© London, in what used to be Coutts Bank. This space holds Jimmy Hendrix’s Flying V, John Lennon’s handwritten “Instant Karma” lyrics, and more. If you’re wondering exactly how safe this underground fortress is, keep in mind that it once held the Queen’s treasury.

Although there will probably always be criminals trying to design the perfect heist, you can rest assured that institutions throughout the world continue to innovate new ways to protect what’s important to you.

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